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Cradle: 9/3/02
Actions speak louder than words,
So shut your mouth,
Show me your true self,
Or I will see through you,
Nice job lying about shit,
When I can see with my own eyes,
You truly don't care,
No one likes a liar,
Don't lie twice or at all,
When the cradle falls.

Disposable: 9/5/02
I thought I threw you away,
But you're back again anyway,
I'll close the lid again,
Make you suffocate,
Breathe in the poisonous waste,
It's just my anger,
Can't you freeze it with your heart,
And save yourself,
But you'll be alone,
In harmony with yourself,
I thought I threw you away,
I thought you were disposable.
The Lost Angel: 9/5/02
Keep your chin up angel,
Look at the clouds,
People's dreams in the sky,
Entertainment for those who failed,
When life seems useless,
Hold my hand and show me,
Your pain indescribable,
But I can read your heart,
I won't forget you,
You won't forget me,
Let's just keep running,
Leave our problems behind,
When you stumble along,
I'll catch you,
We may never stop,
Our problems chase us,
Hold on to me tightly,
I can't lose you to yourself.
Flame: 9/6/02
Flicker in fame,
Flame all the same,
Snicker with pain,
Flame in the rain,
Bicker and maim,
Flame went insane,
Litter, your name,
Never saw your name in flame.
The Bridge: 9/7/02
Confusion among the masses,
Hiding in the woods skipping classes,
Toke this bitch on the bridge,
If it crumbles above they ditch,
World below will support,
Underlying the issues in court,
Long life spent in prison,
Standing off the bridge pissin'.
Heaven's Gates: 9/7/02
Words of the future unspoken until now.  Brace yourself, change awaits at Heaven's Gates, Hope you brought your ticket, Ego too big to let your dick in, If God isn't dead yet, He will be, Child molester and human tester, Justifying rape is a great concept of religion, Lies in the air of theocracy, Truth awaits at Heaven's Gates.
Cup of Tea: 9/7/02
Don't piss me off,
I'll piss on you,
Open wide it's my turn,
Shove lies down your throat,
How do you think you would be,
If you had always been told you were free,
And you found out the hard way,
The only truth is your mind,
Free thoughts float in the clear mist of hypocrisy,
If they land in your soup,
Maybe it's just not your cup of tea,
Open wide,
I said it's my turn now,
Enjoy your cup to the last drop.

Mr. Rogers' Neighbor: 9/12/02
Pearly whites decay this day,
Girly fights in clay will pay,
Surly knives and they can say,
Won't you be my neighbor?
Lies always but change of clothes,
Cries all day but fangs that glow,
Why's on trays sauteed but mold,
Won't you be my neighbor?
Lies, deceit, go feed your fish,
Eyes delete and eat my wish,
Thighs elite you seat your kiss,
Won't you be my neighbor?
Liar get a new house,
Try her and a new blouse,
Defy her eyes a new gouge,
Won't you be my victim?
Purify: 9/22/02
I'm longing for something toxic,
It's all washed away,
The truth lied to me,
Inside those padded walls,
No emotions that describe,
All taken and nothing to hide,
Walk away with your lie,
Look in the mirror and purify.
Existence: 9/23/02
Nothing was born to Earth,
No one created this hell and dearth,
It's just a thought inside a mind,
That tells you lies and makes you blind,
Is the thought inside the mind,
Really there or just a sign,
Once it was said inside this thought,
Something said but something not,
Everything was simpler inside this thought,
Before the thought of existence was bought,
And sold to all the ignorant masses,
They fueled fire with smoke that passes,
The profit collected hid all other ideas,
And hidden behind them conspiracies with spears,
To impale innocent victims brainwashed with concepts,
A door opened, hurled thoughts of existence down steps.
Euthanasia: 10/11/02
Please help me to see the light,
Shrouded in misery and faded hope,
Throw in the towel and give up the fight,
Bloodied with lies to wash off with soap,
I'm too tired to slit my own wrists,
Dripping pus from my open lips,
Set me up with a new fantasia,
Paradise for me is euthanasia.
Smile: 10/11/02
Wipe that fake smile off of your face,
Bruises from lies that will never erase,
Your so-called "friends" cannot trust a liar,
They'll set you aside and cast you into the fire,
The inferno you created on the day that you chose,
When you can't show true feelings that is just how it goes,
So be straight with us now just once and for all,
Before we rip off your fake smiles to plaster the wall.
Unprecedented Fantasies: 10/15/02
Stop living in a history book,
Create your own with the path you took,
Live your life to die one day,
Your historic goals surely rot away,
And the pages that you try to turn,
Go up in flame as you start to burn,
It is time now to moralize your fable,
Unprecedented fantasies lie atop the table,
In your history book.
R-evolution: 10/16/02
Society dies from cries and lies,
The revolution's pollution from these eyes,
It's time again to stand up and rise,
Revolving doors spin, then capsize,
The glass that shatters adapts the creatures,
As they grow new innovative features,
Invisibility vomitted from the bleachers,
It is time to revolt against the teachers.
Silenced: 10/16/02
Frail and weakened your points are valid,
Another color chosen from a painter's pallet,
Faded shades of black and gray,
The choice to leave or choice to stay,
You chose your path and sealed your fate,
Sealed and welded like a garden's gate,
Silenced but true a tiger's breath,
Speak from the heart until your death.
Misled Vows: 10/19/02
All full of hatred and misled vows,
That I'd promised to keep but I let myself down,
It seems that this is to be the last time,
But we both know we'll come around and be fine,
And still I know that I like to think,
About shoving your arm down the kitchen sink,
Forcing you to try to feel my pain,
Before your immaturity forces it on me again,
And yet we both know violence is not right,
To kill a great friend in the middle of the night,
But I wish we were stronger so this is the last,
If we could move on and put this into the past.
Mother's Children: 10/21/02
We've already made this mistake before,
Let's stop now or we'll see it once more,
You're too salty for my taste,
You even lied to my face,
So all my trust for you is gone,
Faded and weak like a disabled fawn,
Stuck inside your mother's belly,
Mother can't tell you how to think,
Unless you let her,
I wish you could be stronger,
We could have lasted longer,
But you threw it all away,
Dropped it on the ground one day,
You can't imagine how much she means,
Maybe because you work behind the scenes,
Lying and damaging a reparied reputation,
Black, red, and blue, broken like the nation,
You and I both thought we were doing just fine,
But this is the last time you'll cut the line.
Heels: 10/21/02
Every night a small part of me dies,
As I dream about the horrible lies,
And the times that you seemed fake,
And now I know that you only gave to take,
And just when you thought you had power,
I deseeded the patch and killed all the flowers,
So you end up being the last of your kind,
And you can't hurt me again another time,
I am sorry it's over but we are through,
Get off the floor you can now stop worshipping,
Dust off your soiled ways and make sure you do,
Don't hurt our friendship like a bloody whipping,
Again I said "over" but we're still not yet done,
Spin on your heels then walk till you are gone.

Straightjacket Chainsaw: 10/27/02
Seams torn apart from the struggle again,
My madness fueled by my untrue friends,
Strobe light has slowed and faded away,
The colors in my mind faded to black and gray,
Two fucking sides to every single issue,
Life and death smack their lips as they try to kiss you,
The sweet smell of defeat moistens my thoughts,
Too mixed up from my straightjacket's knots,
Which side will you decide to choose this time?
Too clouded from blood on my chainsaw's mind,
When my craziness meets my anger,
Straightjacket chainsaw introduce the danger.
Safety Pin: 10/30
Picking back flesh as my pores start to bleed,
The piercing of pain as white blood cells lead,
Over the vein and throught the wrist,
The trail of pus and clouded mist,
Your safety haven is my deadly vice,
A slit in skin to taste so nice,
A safety pin to hold the truth,
And slit your wrists in a phone booth,
Like Superman; a transformation,
A simple cry against the nation,
Your safety pin is my cause of pain,
That blood would start to hail and rain.