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Hey. In case you don't know me, my name is actually David, not The Foot, but that's what a lot of people call me because I love to play footbag (also called hackysack, but that's wrong and I'll get to that later). Just to give credit to the guy who came up with my nickname, it was Jacob "The Count" Rosch. I'm your average kid, with ups and downs.

Most people think I am a pretty funny guy, but I will admit that sometimes I can get annoying. I am not a ladies man or anything, but I do like girls and I'm open just in case they want to know. I'm usually a pretty easy guy to talk to for most people I guess. I am VERY weird (I mean, my nickname is "The Foot"!).

I play trombone and bass guitar. I have a few bands:  "The Falls Five" (Yes, I hate the name too) and "Quite Exploded".   I was in a ska band (Lost Doggs) and I once had a failed punk band (Sofa Kingdom) session.  I am pretty musically talented for my age (16).

I am a pretty friendly guy. I don't have an excessive amount of friends, but I have quite a few. Once I get up a friends page I'll let everyone know who's a friend and who pissed me off and such (COS).

I almost always have an obsession. Sometimes it's an obsession over a girl. Sometimes it's over a show or movie or book. Right now, I am obsessed over footbag. Most everyone knows it, and some even play with me. It's fun.
I recently got two jobs for the summer.  I work at Goodberry's, a frozen custard store and for Paramount Communication Inc., a small telephone company that this lady down the street owns.  I am a Customer Service Rep/Equipment Manager.  I make pretty good money but I needed a lot of it to pay for my new trombone. 

Anyways... I don't have much time now and I will try to get to the rest of my site now so I will have to update this later.


Favorite TV Show: South Park, Gilmore Girls 
Favorite Movie: Dogma
Favorite Music Genre: Punk Heavy Metal, Ska, Jazz
Favorite Bands: Osker, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Rancid, At the Drive-In 
Favorite Book: Ender's Game
Favorite Computer Games: Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike, Slime Volleyball 
People I Most Admire: Orson Scott Card, Phil Lesh