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long and lasting

torn and tattered,
ripped and shredded,
wet and soaking,
dirt and dusty,
piled and lost,
tangled and messy,
lonely and deserted,
old and ancient,
long and lasting,
you and I.

lost it

Ive lost it,
I cant find it,
Ive misplaced it,
and retraced steps,
looked everywhere,
I have no clue,
Ive asked you,
Ive asked him,
Ive asked her,
I cant find it,
dammit, I think I lost it!

miss you

I miss you,
I never knew you,
but I miss you,
you passed a way a year before I was born,
I never had a chance to see you,
or speak to you,
Ive seen your pictures,
but I cant remember you,
cos I never knew you,
and I miss you.


yes, Ive seen the devil with my own eyes,
it has no face,
it has no personality,
it has no texture,
it fogs my view,
of myself,
it could be in a piece of glass,
it could be in a mirror,
it may even be a river,
have you guessed yet,
yeah, you guessed right,
Ive seen the devil,
its just my reflection,
the reflection of myself,
thats my devil,
thats where the most evil in my life is,
Ive seen the devil with my very own eyes,
and its staring back at me.
Fight Back

Rip the seed,
From the Earth as you bleed,
Screaming voices,
Voice the songs you heed,
Eat the cream,
The wheat falls as the farmer reaps,
Words come and go,
Just as water seaps,
Take out the compost,
Let flesh do its rotting,
The bells fall,
Cows tip over,
The Earth has ended,
You destroyed it,
Recycle the bottles that cracked,
Glass and water turn to wine,
The power held in hands by the feeble,
Those who expect me to help,
Are the same who pay the toll to cross,
Bridge, you do what they tell you,
Walk over your fears,
Cobblestone to brimstone,
End the war and fight back.


It's the angel with the scabbed wings,
Burning the cross and the meat on it sizzles,
Had a hard life with this girl,
Her name was Jesus,
Try her philosophy,
And you'll die for her philosophy,
Every minute of every day,
A worm grows his wings,
As another's shrivel away,
Time to complete the cycle,
Finish your meat,
Taste the taste of life,
Fight the urge to stop,
Never give up the fight,
Become what you are,
Complete with your rock and roll sores,
Fill your mind with thoughts,
Kill until hands bleed,
Don't wait to rot,
You just planted another seed,
So die, die today,
The cycle is complete.

The Redeemer Lives

The redeemer lives,
She hides from the people,
Promises to help when needed,
You must die to be a martyr,
Yet they say you still live,
Stigmata on the cross,
Burn what was lost,
Fight with her Klan,
You seem reasonably,
Analyze the penalties,
See your damage to your father's Earth,
The wars fought over you,
What about the black apostle?
One-sided is the bible,
It is refered to as him,
You are the redeemer,
You will reap what you sow.

Looking Glass

Saw you through the looking glass,
Distorted images appear,
Faculties of my past,
Push them out of my view,
Pretty things and nice people,
Come into my view,
Fade into the darkness,
Disturbed people with long faces,
Just a bunch of freaks,
I came to the looking glass to see you,
Instead all I see are others,
Collage of my viewing pleasures,
I know the looking glass does not lie,
So when I look in the looking glass today,
I saw your friends and enemies but no you,
Why do you surround yourself with them,
I went to the looking glass today,
Lost my view and went blind,
You took the looking glass with you,
And you left me behind.

Me and Myself

We havent met in a long time,
Ive long since forgotten about you,
But now Ive come back,
Just to complain more,
Cause my life has turned bad,
My friends are no longer,
Trapped between a rock and a white face,
Sold on the baby Black Market,
Owned by someone new,
A new group,
Who throws me aside,
Pushes me away and off the hill,
So I go back to where I started,
And now they hate me,
So Im all alone,
Me and Myself.


When I look around the room,
I feel disgusted,
Because society is what I hate,
It shapes the people in this room,
Shapes their looks,
Shapes their views,
Holds them back,
So they cant get free,
Society holds us in chains,
Take a look around,
And think about our society,
Because you cant change it or mold it,
It follows government,
It follows religion,
It follows everything,
Grabs it by the tail,
And pulls its insides out,
Just because it doesnt like it,
Id love to do this to society,
To kill it and reshape it,
But I am held in chains,
I cannot do this,
Once again society prevails,
Just once, Id like it my way,
But it will never be,
And its all because our society,
Hates people like me.

Meet Me At the Other Side

Weve crossed the roads below us,
The pot of gold is here to stay,
You cant find your path through the hills,
So Ill help you find your way,
The trails that you leave,
In you Ill confide,
But you must promise me one thing,
Meet me at the other side.

Me and My Ghost

Ive seen through your lifeless body,
The transparencies I have passed,
You tell me all of your stories,
Ive followed you, and weve traveled so fast,
Gather around the campfire,
You never showed your face,
Ive waited for hours,
Just me and my ghost,
A shadow I cant see,
Only at night,
Youve been behind me,
Somehow me and my ghost felt just right.


Lasting forever was out of the question,
Think I dont care,
Your action leaves a lasting impression,

I cant see past the situation at hand,
My heart is broken and jaded,
Try to take everything with a grain of sand,

Advice, justice, morals and thoughts,
Turned to my friends for help,
Your reason is logic that creates tough spots,

I think I shall stay your friend,
Although it will be hard,
I think I shall wait for you to choose at the end.

The Rebellion is Underway

The old sage asks where you hide the truth,
The young apprentice says there is no truth,
The blacksmith knows of the things you make,
The fairy weeps at the side of the river,
A song for a cause,
Teach me your wrongs that you have righted,
Dont speak harshly of us,
The rebellion is underway,
As we walk through the halls,
As we write on the sides of the cave,
As you tap your foot to the beat,
The rebellion is underway,
Counterfeit explanation cut-to-fit,
Fact separated from truth,
You force us to learn your ways,
The rebellion is underway.


Confide in me young one,
I am older and wiser,
Yet you are not a fool,
Trust the way I show,
Shine the light on your path,
Find your way to the door with no key,
Lost in your hellhole once more,
I see your pain I shall not share,
Gossip all you wish,
I want no part in it,
Silence at its best,
Expressions known to rest.

Dont Hold It In

Solid to the core,
A turtle shell to hold,
Explode and start a war,
Hurt those that hurt first,
Dont keep it all inside,
Speak the truth,
Secrets are tied,
Holding it in will only add to the fire,
Burning down the feelings cross,
Talking is extremely tremendous,
Look where it is dont be lost,
Conversation can always stop this,
Pent-up emotions hold back,
Help those alone,
Talking is not something lacked,
So go now and pick up the phone.


Pushed to the limit,
Pissed off and pissed on,
Anger in fertile soil,
A flower to grow,
Friendly argument,
Painful surprise,
Unknown conversations,
Behind the backs of others,
Inexcusable paranoia,
Prosecutors persecution,
Madness created from unwanted goods,
Vultures swarm by the grave,
Allow this flower to spring forth.

The Way

A gate you should cross,
May not open with ease,
A house for the lost,
Those who are teased,
A line of barbed wire,
Keeps those out who dont belong,
A castle for the kings sire,
Holds jesters who sing the kings song,
A store selling air to breathe,
For sale or for lease,
A dentist pulling teeth,
Savoring every little piece,
A fallen tree in the road,
Leaves spilling off of its trunk,
A stone thrown in the load,
Just a bunch of junk,
A cup to sip from,
On a hot summer day,
A plethora of instances full of glum,
Things that seem to get in the way.

Elemental figuratism on the ice rink,
Vertical horizontalism leaves me out of the link,
Alcoholism leaves you with vomit in the sink,
Metal orgasms turn stomachs pink,
Fetal fatalism is on the brink,
Social racism puts necks in a kink,
Vocalism fills throats with ink,
Everyone leaves this world with a wink.
In the future he'll be walking,
Will you run up and greet him,
In the future he'll be talking,
Will you be his favorite topic,
In the future he'll be crying,
Will you sit close by and calm him,
In the future he'll be dancing,
Will you decide to join him,
In the future he'll be yelling,
Will you understand and forgive him,
In the future he'll marry,
Will you say 'I do' or will you be watching,
In the future he'll be dying,
Will you come and bear flowers,
The future is much to hard to see,
Will you be holding hands with him in the cloud?