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The poor priveleged few...

Kristi: I love you Kristi.
Stephen: Future roomie at ECU.  He's been one of my best friends since we were in 4th grade.  We've been through so much stuff together.
Bill: This is my best guy friend.  I'm going to miss him SO much next year and I'll probably cry at graduation because we do so much together... we have a list of inside jokes that we're gonna make really nice and that's his graduation present from me.  So far it's six pages (and growing).  I don't want to make this cheesy or even try to attempt any of our jokes because once I started I probably would have to list at least twenty.  I don't know what I'd do without him... well, yeah, I do, I'd hang out with Kevin and Taylor more.  Whatever, that's NEXT year, when he's gone.  And that's said... damnit I don't want him to go. 
Teresa: Another one of my best friends, this is the girl that I call whenever I have ANY kind of problem.  She does the same with me, but I probably call her with my problems more often.  But that's alright.  I remember meeting her at Winter Formal (well, I knew her when I was a freshman, but not very well...) when I went with Mindy as a sophomore and I got dumped... at the dance.  That sucked, and Teresa gave me a great hug and we talked for a while and next thing I knew, we started talking everyday, and I started hanging out with her more, and we got to be good friends.
Jillian: This is the sweetest girl I've ever met.  No, seriously, anyone that hears about me being upset and makes a "Be HAPPY" card for me just spontaneously one night gets the award for being the sweetest girl ever.  Her brother didn't like me for a while because I had a crush on her but it was over once she figured out she didn't feel the same way about me.  It was kind of weird, now that I think of it.  It's amazing how nice she is though.  She helps me with all my problems that Teresa can't help with, or if Teresa isn't there.  And even if she can't help, she makes me feel a lot better.  And if I'm pissed off at someone she lets me yell at her, that's the greatest, I wish I could have Jillian in my house.  Ooh yeah, paradise.
Taylor: My lil' sis.  She's nice to me and I'm nice to her... most of the time.  When we get in arguments, it's like hell.  She introduced me to my best friend, Val.  If Taylor hadn't been there a few times for me in the past, I would have been lonely and sad.  We walk together around school, and although not many of her friends like me, lately I've been telling her to listen to her own thoughts rather than listening to her friends and what they tell her to think, about everything, including me.  I met Taylor on the Virginia Beach band trip my sophomore year, when she was a freshman.  A very cute freshman.  But she's my lil' sis now so it's all cool.  She helps me with stuff and I help her with stuff.  I remember telling her that I can't wait to get out of high school so I can forget everyone, even her.  I'm sorry Taylor, I don't mean that... I want to keep in touch with you even after I graduate.  So can we try to do that?  I love you Taylor, I want you to be happy.  And I know you want the same for me.
Joseph: This dude is one awesome guy.  He's so similar to me in many ways.  Joseph and I are in AP Music Theory together.  I guess I really started to bond with him in Music Theory (the first year).  We started a band called "Quite Exploded" to basically complain about girls, which can be a good thing.  We talk about some pretty heavy shit sometimes, and sometimes Joseph bums me out about stuff.  He has this way of transferring his emotions to you, which is a very powerful thing in music, and we can definitely use that in our songs.  Plus... the fact that he has perfect pitch is very useful.  Together, we are an awesome music-creating team.  We get really perfectionist-like when we write together.  It took four hours on a bus to get the lyrics to our first song done, and we even had a template to work from (my poetry: the song is "Smile").  He's a great friend of mine.  Wouldn't wanna be at Enloe without him.