Raleigh Freestyle Footbag Club
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David "The Foot" Wilder
Consecutives: 669
Favorite Moves: Smear, Dimwalk, Ducking Dragonfly and Paradox Mirage
Favorite String: Smear>Butterfly>Paradox Mirage
Bio: Okay so basically, I enjoy freestyle, both on land and street trials.  I have a very slow learning curve, but I practice pretty often nowadays, and I'm improving.  I am working on going full-time tiltless right now, skooling Butterflies.  Keeping everything BOTH SIDES is very important to me, and something that I will always have to work on to not suck.

Gabriel Jordan
Consecutives: 59
Favorite Moves: Mirage
Bio: Gabe is one of my favorite guys to footbag with because he is very sharing with the bag and will always let you try what you want.  Plus he's always ready to go shred, unlike some of the other people.  He's working on toe stalls, clipper stalls, Mirages and ATW's.

Luke "Birk" Hostetter
Consecutives: 178
Favorite Moves: Clipper, ATW, Mirage, and Pickup
Favorite Strings: ATW>Mirage>Pickup, Mirage>Pixie>Mirage>Pixie
Bio: Luke has kicked me in the face and made my nose bleed a lot, and not many people can say that, I suppose.  Luke has an interesting style.  He likes to make the simple stuff he does look really huge, and I have respect for that, because he is a crowd entertainer, in a way.

Stephen Peckous
Consecutives: Unknown
Favorite Moves: Dragonfly, Butterfly Kick
Bio: This guy has been one of my best friends since 4th grade.  He is SO fun to play footbag with, because we've definitely bonded over the years... I mean he also gives so many props, and he knows exactly what level I'm at in footbag so he thinks highly when I hit new stuff, whereas other people think I'm showing off and stuff.  Lately I've taught him out of self-serving as much, so we have a good shred even when we're by ourselves.