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RFFC Shred May 14th, 2004

Reviews of Other Videos

This is a good beginners video.  My main complaint is the horrible repetitive 80's music.  However, this video helped me learn many basic tricks such as pixie and mirage.  I have heard good things of TOTT2, and I would advise that over this video, as some of the footage on this video is slightly outdated.  The freestyle footbag world is better represented in TOTT2.




I love this video.  This video alone made me fall in love with Brian Parson's style.  My friends quote "I'm going to hit a montage... a montage" quite often.  This video is full of awesome style and is definitely one of my favorites.  There is a great James Risden section where he is shredding near the beach and some jugglers are doing their freestyle routines.  There is Jim Penske shredding on a cellular phone, which makes me laugh nearly everytime... "No... southside?  Southside."  And to top it all off, there are singing fish at the end of the video.

Whoa. I just got my copy of Just Shred II: Like Whoa. It was really pretty good. Let's see... there's a really funny and cool interview with Travis Strickland (up and coming footbagger I guess... I wasn't too sure... maybe a pal of Wicked's?)... I liked that. It's near the end. The whole video is around 42 minutes long. Allan hits a PS Whirl off of a wall and that was PHAT. Haha... let's see... other highlights include a tetris remix which was cool... the first 2 or 3 songs are rap, which I like, but not everyone digs, but whatever. The big three's were SO COOL and so were the sick tricks... some dude (forgot who...) hits a Marius... I hadn't seen one yet it was PHAT... and I have no idea what the trick he hits afterwards is... sounded like someone said "Tricerotops" but I'm probably wrong. Let's see... phat shred 30's with Penske and Smith... I loved those. And Peter Irish did a really interesting juggling thing... there's no way in hell I could do that, haha. I think it was 5 balls and he used his feet too. Cool stuff. There were times when I said "Oh my god"... or laughed at the impossibilities these guys were pulling off. There's like a semi-promo for Fo Shizzle... someone throws a stuffed animal at the screen and Wicked flashes the words "Fo Shizzle"... holy crap it was just a good video. I suggest it to anyone interested in what's going on now in shred. Peace.