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Week of May 30th
11-Move Tiltless Run (Longest Yet!) ATW > Mirage > Pixie > Pixie > ATW > Mirage > Pixie > ATW > ATW >Mirage > Pixie

Double D:
4 Consecutive Mirages

Week of May 24th
Well, Gabe bought me a Mini Abshire (my first 32 facile beaded bag) as a graduation present (thanks so much!).  It's going to take a while to get broken in.  The first move I hit with it was Smear.  Double D hit Mirage today (26th) and sealed it.  Other than that everyone has kinda just been chilling out because school is now officially over.

May 21st at the Minispot (Luke and David)
David: 9 Consecutive Pixies, Pixie > Pixie > ATW > Mirage > Smear > Butterfly, Far Legover Goodside, Ducking Dragonfly Flipside, Pixie Op Dragonfly... I'm working on Pixie Legover and Flipside Butterfly
Luke: A bunch of 3-move tiltless combos.  He's working on getting a 4-move combo.  Busted Smear bunches of times.
Overall it was awesome but we got really tired after 2 1/2 hours.  Downed an entire cooler ourselves.

May 18th at Mini Spot
David: Illusion Both Sides
Everyone else seems to be working on the timing for mirages.

May 11th Shred at The Spot
Nice day.  I'm so tired.
Me: 20 Consecutive Mirages, 4 Consecutive Flipside Mirages, Dragonfly>Op Dragonfly
To be honest I don't think anyone else hit anything new, although Joseph learned a secret to the toe stall.. cupping your toes.  So that's helping him out some.

May 10th Shred at The Spot
Joseph: Worked Toe Stalls
Luke: Hit Pixie BSOS, ATW>Mirage>Pickup, and Mirage Trials
David (Foot): Smear>Butterfly>Paradox Mirage (My first 3>3>3, and I sealed it with an op dragonfly... I was so stoked)
David (DoubleD): New Consecutives Record of 38, Worked Toe Stalls and attempted ATW's

We had some new kids show up.  They were pretty cool.  I wish they'd stop toe pickups and self-serving but if they come out and play everyday with us I'll fix them eventually.  Only got one of their names: Matt.  He played with us again after school at the spot.  He is pretty good, with a few toe stalls and ATW attempts.  I'll bring the flyers tomorrow.

May 7th Moore Square Shred
Gabe and I headed over to Moore Square to shred.  Gabe worked on toe stalls a lot and now can hit them 9/10 goodside, 7/10 flipside.  He moved his record up to 59.  I worked a lot of stuff...  I got flipside clipper back, because the pain subsided a little bit to allow me to do it.  I also got flipside clipset mirage, flipside legover, and had flipside pdx mirage on my foot but it rolled off.  I hit a good flipside big 3: Flipside Clipper>Mirage>ATW.  I worked my flipside pixie stuff.  On my goodside I hit symposium mirage, smear>butterfly>mirage... and tried smear>butterfly>mirage multiple times but couldn't get it.  Overall it was a great session and we plan on playing again next week.

January 31st Shred
Lots of cool stuff.  In Stephen's basement I hit Pixie Butterfly (my first 4 add!) and sealed it.  I also hit zoid-set mirage sealed there too, which was really sick.  Stephen worked on butterfly kicks.  It was cool to watch him progress.  Then... at his church for game night I hit osis, and Kevin skooled clippers as did Stephen.  Aaron and Josh played too.  It was a good day.  For me, two new phat moves.

March 10th: Stephen's House
Stephen and I watched a shred vid (The Next Level) on his big screen and then shredded it up in his basement.  We listened to some techno.
Stephen: Dragonflies and Butterflies both sides SEALED
Flying Clippers both sides
David: Symposium Mirage goodside Sealed
Overall an awesome shred.  Stephen's shooting for stalls next time and David's shooting for whirls.  Goddamn whirls.

Steve's House: March 14th-15th 2003
Not much new was hit by me, but Steve skooled toe stalls.  Twas phat.  We worked a new system, where one of us calls out a combo, or move, that the other one should be able to do, and then we try it a few times and if we can't get it we give up and try again later.  He called "Pixie>(Flipside)ATW>Butterfly" and "(Flipside)Symposium Mirage" and "Dragonfly>Butterfly>(Flip) Dragonfly>(Flip) Butterfly" for me.  I hit the first one after a few tries but couldn't finish the last two.  I called "Pixie", "Hopover", and "6 toe stalls... alternating" on him.  He was able to do Hopover and 6 toe stalls for meh.  Twas phat.
I worked whirls, that's my milestone now.  His is pixies, so he's working those.  Hopefully we'll be good for the Philly tourny/jam August 30th-September 1st!