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Dragonfly Off a Three Foot Ledge
This is me doing what I do best.


11/18/02 - Signed up for this site... will most likely host poems, beliefs, pictures, and descriptions of friends.
11/19/02- Added a Guestbook and Counter.
12/1/02- Rearranged poems, added poems.
12/4/02- New poems.  Erased old friends that turned on me.  Contact Invalid, Null, or the Omegavirus for information.
12/8/02- Found file for the Omegavirus.  Sorry Taylor.  System back online.  Waiting for Invalid and Null to go back to normal.  Doesn't look hopeful, may need persuasion... more later. 
12/10/02- More poems. 
12/11/02- Restored Invalid's information back into the mainframe.  Sorry Ashley.  One left, but no biggie if it doesn't apologize because we always have unworkable problems anways.  I'm done.  Erasing is complete. 
12/19/02- Updated poem section.
1/3/03- LOTS of new poems.  Check out the Demember section for new poems in addition to the January section. 
1/4/03- Happy Birthday Val!  Added a poem for you, and another that is about one of my old friends from middle school.
1/17/03- Added a picture and an editorial.
2/2/03- Added poems and a link to my footbag site and a new poem page for February, even though I don't have any poems for February yet.
2/6/03- Added poems.
2/11/03- More poems.
2/15/03- Poems, and a new opportunity that allows people to request poems for me to dedicate to them.  Explanation in: Poems (February 2003).
2/17/03- Dedicated a poem to Lesley.
2/19/03- Two poems.
2/25/03- Added an editorial about racism at Enloe High School.
3/5/03- Now you can read March's poems.  There are a few more February's left from last time to read too.  Enjoy.
3/11/03- A few more poems.  Omigosh I think they're ALL about Val.  Surprise surprise!
7/1/03- I haven't updated in so long, but I added a lot of poems.
12/30/03-Yeah... poems at deviantART...

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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