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Well, this is the page where I describe various injuries... most are just memories, but here goes:
Last year (fall): Luke kicked me in the face.  I bled for about 10 minutes, and everyone ran to get wet paper towels and a few people were staring at me.  My nose hurt for a whole week, and Luke gave me a dollar to buy a drink.
This year (fall): Mike got kicked in the face by... Ben I think.  His glasses fell off, and he was on the ground for a while, but no blood or anything.  He... wow... he hasn't played since then.  Maybe he developed a complex or something.
This year (winter shred at my house): I sprained my ankle trying for a whirl.  I missed the dex and landed on the side of my right foot, still in clipper position, and I fell towards the right... and we all heard this really loud *snap*.  I was lying on the floor saying, "Shit... I broke my ankle... shit".  I got Gabe to untie my shoes and get me some water, and when i got up I couldn't walk around.  It took around a month and two weeks to heal.